Winter Skincare, Protect your Skin from the Sun

Winter Skincare, Protect your Skin from the Sun

As the weather change, the air and skin go through changes as well. They may not be noticeable at first, but skin damages caused by the winter sun can be even more harmful than the ones during the summer. Learn how to effectively protect yourself from this by following our specialists’ recommendations. Read more

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Foot Clinic by Paty Villanueva: Best Foot Care in Pto. Vallarta

The care for your feet that you've been looking for. Foot Clinic is the right place to keep your feet in the best shape. Whether you are diabetic or a senior. Highly trained and skilled podiatrists performed the procedures that normal pedicurists don’t,Foot Clinic has the best foot care in Puerto Vallarta.

Viral Illnesses in Children and How to Prevent Them

With the new season among us is not surprising to find more and more people with colds or allergies. Changes in the weather and the air bring with them viruses, illness, and respiratory problems, and the most propense to catch them are our children. Know the symptoms of the most common ones and approach our specialists for a better diagnosis.

Our experience at the Daring Greatly Sharp Healthcare 2017

 We are proud to announce that we were the only hospital in Puerto Vallarta to attend the Daring Greatly 2017 Sharp’s Experience in San Diego Convention Center. An assembly with the best doctors and nurses sharing their experiences and lessons learned with the best Latin American and Mexican hospitals.

Win over your Stress forever with this Easy Techniques.

Living fast, not enjoying the moment, and thinking endlessly about the future. These are all common factors that incite stress. The most popular disease of the 21st century. Inform yourself about it and how you can fight it. Follow our recommendations and free yourself of unhealthy thoughts.

Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent them.

Whether you are a runner or a yogi, injuries are always there. Do you know which are the most common and how can you tell them apart? Know the meaning of each injury and talk to your trainer and doctor about them. It may help you to always be prepared without minimizing your effort or being afraid to get them.

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