Mexico, a Land of Tradition and Culture

Mexico, a Land of Tradition and Culture

Comprised of beaches, “Magical Towns,” traditions, customs, festivities, food, tequila, beer, technology, and innovation. In the country of Mexico, culture and population coexist harmoniously. On its land, the warmness, and beauty of its 32 paradisiac spots repose, each one encompassing its own history and culture.

The word, Mexico, comes from the Nahuatl language: metztli, which means, “navel of the moon”.

The current territory of Mexico was once inhabited by cultures whose traditions became deeply ingrained that even today are preserved in various states. The mixture of ideologies, myths, and legends provide a sense of pride and identity to its people.

Fall in love with the festivities full of vibrant colors and songs; of the dances to the rhythms of the emblematic music of each state, its embroidered dresses and charro attires. Explore its adventurous dining, with traditional treats (antojitos) and signature dishes, made with special ingredients, which makes each tasting a unique experience.

Mexico is a country with great climatic diversity, it has a tropical zone, deserts, and forests. It is home to 10-12 percent of the world’s biodiversity, and due to its geographic terrain, it hosts multiple volcanoes, peninsulas, and impressive mountain ranges.

Because of its historic importance, conservation, and its natural and architectural beauty, Mexico has transcended frontiers and has become part of humanity’s beauty and cultural legacy.







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