Family Medicine Clinic

Hospital CMQ's Family Medicine Clinic in Puerto Vallarta

We are always by your side

Imagine having a physician who knows and cares for you and your loved ones, someone who can help with any health need that you may have.

At Hospital CMQ’s Family Medicine Clinic, we are always by your side.

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In the complex world of healthcare, the Family Medicine Clinic at Hospital CMQ remains the cornerstone of our community’s health and wellness, focusing on treating each individual patient and delivering outstanding integrated care. Consequently, unlike other physicians that concentrate on certain diseases and conditions, our family medicine practice provides holistic care for men and women alike, delivering seamless patient care in a typically fragmented healthcare world.

Family Medicine had its origins in 1969, when the growth of complex medicine and sub specialization generated the need to reinforce the generalist and integral role of medical practitioners.

Our Family Medicine Clinic provides seamless and holistic patient care

Medical Services at Hospital CMQ’s Family Medicine Clinic

Today, at Hospital CMQ, our family practice provides high quality, affordable and integrated care to the inhabitants of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. With extensive training and expertise, our family medicine physicians are qualified to offer comprehensive medical care for people of all age groups, delivering a wide range of medical services, such as:

  • Preventive Medicine
  • Health-risk assessments
  • Immunizations
  • Routine Checkups
  • Personalized Counseling
  • Screening Tests
  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Acute Illness Management

From hypertension, stroke and heart disease, to diabetes, cancer, asthma, obesity, arthritis and allergies, our family medicine physicians are committed to provide excellent and compassionate care for you and your loved ones. Schedule your appointment with our family physicians…

Learn more about family medicine, visit the American College of Physicians.