Aneurisma Cerebral: Una Amenaza Silenciosa para la Salud Cerebral

Brain Aneurysm: A Silent Threat to Brain Health

Your brain deserves all of your attention and care. In this article, our experts in Neurology discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatments for a brain aneurysm. Learn more about this silent disease here!

Did you know that a brain aneurysm is more common than you think?

Hospital CMQ attended the most important health insurance congress: ITIC Americas 2023

We attended the most important insurance congress: ITIC Americas 2023. The annual ITIC Americas conference took place in Puerto Rico and was joined by health sector leaders and insurers from the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, with whom we strengthen and build partnerships and opportunities that will allow us to remain the best private hospital in the region in providing humane treatment with a caring spirit. Learn more about this conference here.