Equipo médico de Spine Clinic durante la éxitosa intervención endoscópica de columna en Hospital CMQ Riviera Nayarit

Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Mexico, a Minimally Invasive Technique Available at Hospitals CMQ

Endoscopic spine surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique that fixes spinal pathologies in a less aggressive and less painful way, with a record recovery time and a greater number of benefits.

Learn here what a spinal endoscopy consists of as well as its benefits. 

Osteoporosis is more common than you think…especially for women

Osteoporosis is a silent condition that thins the bones, causes fractures, and back and neck pain, and can take away up to 15 centimeters of your height. Most people know that calcium strengthens the bones and is an excellent weapon against osteoporosis. But, did you know that there are more than a dozen ways to combat this dangerous disease? Discover here 9 ways to fight off osteoporosis.

No more COVID-19 Testing for Canada, said the government

No more COVID tests for Canada. In a press conference, the Canadian government announced that as of Friday, April 1, 2022, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer need to provide a negative COVID test result before their trip. This mandate will be valid for travelers entering Canada by air, land, and water. In addition, Canadian authorities confirmed that they will conduct random COVID testing upon visitors’ arrival to the country.

Five coronavirus tips to help prevent a Covid-19 infection

From vitamin supplements to vaccines, find out here five coronavirus tips that doctors advise you to follow. With the arrival of the winter months and this never-ending coronavirus pandemic, following these recommendations of our specialists can protect you from getting a Covid-19 infection. Keep reading and find out about the best tips to avoid Covid-19.