Patient Education

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CMQ Hospitals Welcome You

We want your stay in our facilities to be the most pleasant. At CMQ Hospitals we believe that as a patient, you have the right to be fully informed, treated with respect and dignity, and to be involved in decisions that affect your medical care. In addition, to make your stay more comfortable, we would like to provide you with this information.

Family Medicine had its origins in 1969, when the growth of complex medicine and sub specialization generated the need to reinforce the generalist and integral role of medical practitioners.

We Work for Your Health and Wellbeing

At CMQ Hospitals, we offer excellent medical and hospital services, using the highest technology, and the best team of specialists in the region. We work for you to receive the best care and attention, always providing humane treatment and a spirit of service.

Our hospitals have implemented the following policies and regulations to offer our patients a safe environment and optimal medical care.

Admissions Policy

When a patient is admitted into our hospital, it is necessary to sign a Contract for the Provision of Hospital Services, which is delivered to each patient at the time of admission. In said contract, the regulations to provide the required hospital and medical services are detailed.

At the time of entry, the patient and/or responsible family member must provide the following information:

Patient Registry

All patients must register at the front desk and/or emergency room every time they are admitted into the hospital. When registering and signing the corresponding forms, the patient accepts all the policies and provisions established by the hospital.

Patient Identification

One of the main safety practices and one of our goals to guarantee safety is the correct identification of the patient. For that purpose, we use two specific indicators:

  1. Patient’s full name (name and two surnames)
  2. Patient’s date of birth (day/month/year)
  • Valid Official Identification
  • General information
  • Sign the Service Provision Contract
  • Pay the advance deposit stated by the reception staff

Before continuing with the medical service, the hospital staff will confirm the two identifiers, in order to safeguard the patient’s safety.

If the patient has a Major and/or Medical Expenses Insurance, it is necessary to notify the staff upon admission. For this, the following must be presented:

  1. Your insurance card
  2. An official photo ID to start your process

When admitting any patient, unconscious or not, it is necessary to identify a relative as responsible, in order to make and authorize any appropriate decisions regarding the care, treatment, and administrative procedures that derive from hospitalization.

CMQ Hospitals allows four people to visit per patient/room. All visitors entering the hospital must be properly identified. For your safety and that of our other patients, it is important for all visitors to register. The visiting hours for inpatients are from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm. In cases of intensive therapy and intermediate therapy, the visiting hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. At night time, only one person can spend the night with the patient.

During your Stay

At CMQ Hospitals, we understand that patient care goes beyond the time spent in the hospital; it also includes preparations before coming in and follow-ups after your visit. Below we present important information about our services and health care processes.

Specialties Office

In each of our medical units, we have attention and service staff in the office area, who are fully trained and proficient in the English language. They receive patients, relatives, and visitors. They are in charge of setting up your appointment (it can be by phone) with the specialty doctor you need.

Additionally, they can help you:

  • Supply your prescribed medicine
  • Locate your specialist doctor in case of emergencies
  • Schedule your subsequent appointments
  • Receive support from our national and/or foreign insurance department

Care and Comfort Department

The purpose of our department is to offer you a pleasant stay, by providing you with all internal and external communication services, alternative care, the stay and security of your family, and supporting you in a happy journey home.

We provide:

  • Follow-up of your medical case to your international insurance
  • Coordinate your subsequent visits (Hotel-Hospital-Hotel)
  • Support you by changing the time of your flights
  • Coordinate air and land ambulance services

Your Rights as a Patient

If you are well informed, participate in treatment decisions, and communicate openly with your doctor and other health professionals, you will help make your care as effective as possible. CMQ Hospitals fosters respect for personal preferences and the values ​​of each individual.

Know your rights as a CMQ Hospital patient:

  • Receive adequate medical attention
  • Receive a dignified and respectful treatment
  • Decide freely about your care
  • Grant soundly informed consent (or not)
  • Be treated with confidentiality
  • Have the choice to a second opinion
  • Receive medical attention in case of an emergency
  • Have a clinical record
  • Be taken care of when you disagree about the medical care received

Upon Departure

Hospital Discharge
After signing the hospital discharge form with the attending physician, the patient’s bill will be ready within an hour. However, this time period could be longer in the case of patients affiliated with insurers of claims and/or major medical expenses.

Patient Discharge
The patient will be discharged through the following options:

By discharge from the attending physician:

When the treating physician determines that the patient has recovered and is ready to leave the hospital, the patient must sign a written discharge order that will go in his or her medical record.

By voluntary discharge:

By signing the corresponding voluntary discharge form, the patient requests their voluntary discharge, being aware of the risk that this implies, and accepting the possible consequences.

CMQ Hospitals is committed to providing the best medical care available in the safest environment possible. This information will help you understand the different ways that CMQ Hospital staff members work together to keep you in the best condition and what you and your family can do as our healthcare patients to achieve this goal.