As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and volume. This eventually produces wrinkles and loose skin. The face lift – or rhytidectomy – is a surgery that lifts, reaffirms, and tightens sagging facial tissues, giving a more natural and youthful appearance. An incision is performed in front of and behind the ears, which extends to the line of the scalp. Subsequently, the skin and tissues are lifted, removing the excess and achieving the results desired by the patient.

Pros and Cons of Facelift Surgery


  • Removes loose skin and tightens facial tissues.
  • Reduces the appearance of drooping cheeks.
  • Lifts the corners of the mouth.
  • The incisions are not usually notorious.


  • It is not permanent.
  • If too much skin is removed, the face may look anti-aesthetic.
  • Additional procedures may be needed, depending on age and skin type.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for a Facelift?

Although your doctor is the one who ultimately decides if you are an optimal candidate for this procedure, there is certain criteria that you must meet:

  1. Have flexible skin. Elastic skin is easier to tighten and is less prone to risks and difficulties.
  2. Defined facial structure. Having defined features will improve the appearance of toned skin without wrinkles.
  3. Having real expectations and knowledge of the procedure.
  4. Have good health.
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