Lina Ornelas de Solís

An Incomparable Hospital

The staff is absolutely kind. I received a humane and quality treatment from the moment I went in until the moment I was discharged. It is different from all the hospitals in Puerto Vallarta.

Martha Rosas Casas Soto

The Best Care in Puerto Vallarta

My experience at Hospital CMQ was pleasantly positive. I want to especially thank my nurse Claudia Burgara, who cared for me patiently and caringly. I’ve never received such special and excellent care. Thank you so much!

Dolores Ramírez Flores

Everything Was Excellent

Everything is of premier quality, from the facilities to the attention by the medical staff. It is good to know that we can count on a completely equipped hospital in the region. I feel safe and confident at Hospitals CMQ.

Eduviges Salazar Ramírez

Thank you Hospital CMQ

Thanks so much to the entire staff at Hospitals CMQ, for the attention and care that you offered me. Everyone is qualified; nursing, pharmacy, reception, and of course, the doctors. The facilities are ideal, the rooms comfortable, and the food is excellent.

Debra & Brian Salaway

Forever Grateful

I am very grateful for the top-notch care I received while I was a patient in your hospital. All the healthcare staff of Hospitals CMQ, including EMT and porters, made a scary situation less scary. I am happy to report I have not had another incident, and I am doing well. My neurologist here in Canada was very pleased with the tests and care I received from you.

Erwin Bremermann

I feel wonderful! Thank you Dr. Raul Meza!

The procedures may be a little easier now because of modern technology, but it seems to me what you did still takes a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill, patience and dexterity. I am very grateful for it all. You told me in a positive way what you were going to do and what was going to happen. And then you made everything happen exactly as you said. Thank you!

Jay Gearing

This Hospital literally saved my life!

I went in for what was thought to be broken ribs, and was rushed into surgery for a collapsed lung instead due to the knowledge and insight of the ER doctor. Time was important during all this, decisions were made quickly, and I felt confident in how they were treating me. the doctors are excellent, and very attentive. The facilities are brand new with state of the art equipment. The staff and nurses were extremely friendly, caring, and well spoken in times of crisis. I highly recommend this hospital for any type of medical treatment.

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Basilio Badillo 365
Puerto Vallarta.
T. (322) 22 31919
Av. Francisco Villa 1749
Puerto Vallarta
T. (322) 22 66500
Av. Heroes de Nacozari 280
T. (329) 298 0717