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Medical Tourism in Mexico

Our country has the incomparable competitive advantage of having the main recipients and providers of medical tourism in the world as our neighbors: the United States and Canada. Because of this, great health care advances have been possible. We are no longer simply recognized for offering odontological or cosmetic surgeries to bordering cities. We have become a global center for quality medical attention.

According to statistical data from Patients Beyond Borders, Mexico attracts from 200,000 to more than one million foreign patients a year, many of whom mainly come from the states of California, Arizona, and Texas. However, patients from Canada and the United Kingdom are also very attracted to our region, due to the inexistent waiting times in Mexico, as compared to the oversaturated public health services in their countries.

We are the World’s Second Destination for Medical Tourism.

Some of the reasons why our country has been prominently positioned as a top choice for Medical Tourism are: an international demand for quality services, certified doctors, privileged geographical locations, advanced technology, cutting-edge scientific approaches, connectivity, and hospital infrastructures.

Data from the Planning and Tourism Policy Undersecretariat shows that the most important states for medical tourism are: Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Jalisco, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, Puebla, and Baja California.

Given this information, the Ministry of Health states that the competitive prices of medical services in our country allow savings between 35% and 38% in various treatments and surgical procedures, as well as reduced waiting times. For example, rhinoplasty is 56% cheaper than in the United States, while cardiac valve replacement is up to 89% cheaper.

In addition to the attractive prices paid by medical tourism consumers, the abundance of highly trained specialists represents a great strength of our country over its competitors. The ratio of medical specialists to general practitioners in Mexico is 63.4 percent, higher than the average 57.7 percent in the countries listed in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

medical tourism in mexico

Some of the medical tourism specialties in which Mexico stands out are: cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, oncology, dentistry, gastro-surgery, traumatology, bariatric surgery, among others.

The impact of medical tourism goes far beyond the health sector. It ranges and interweaves within large industries, such as: hotels, restaurants, tour operators, among others. It is a sub-industry that strengthens the overall economy of the entire country.

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