Medical Services Hospital CMQ

A wide range of Medical Services for you at Hospitals CMQ

At Hospitals CMQ, we want your stay in our facilities to be the most pleasant, which is why you should get to know our hospital and department services. To make your stay more comfortable, we provide you with information on:

Cardiology Department at CMQ Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit

Caring for your heart, we care for you. Our Cardiology Department at CMQ Hospital is committed to providing excellent medical care, using state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly trained specialists. Learn more about our Cardiology services here.

Medical Transportation at Hospital CMQ in Puerto Vallarta

Medical transportation is recommended when a person has a medical condition that requires special treatment and monitoring between locations (home, hospital, care facility) or when due to an accident, emergency, or chronic illness the person is unable to drive or use public transportation. Hospitals CMQ medical transportation services are available to ensure your safe transport to the nearest care facility.

Foot Clinic by Paty Villanueva

The care for your feet that you've been looking for. Foot Clinic by Paty Villanueva is the right place to keep your feet in the best shape ever. Whether you are diabetic or a senior highly trained and skilled podiatrists perform the procedures that normal pedicurists don’t. At Hospitals CMQ Foot Clinic you can find the best foot care in Puerto Vallarta.

Our Nutrition Department at CMQ Hospitals

Improve your health through good nutrition! Our nutrition department at Hospitals CMQ provides you with personalized weekly eating plans that will suit your lifestyle with different purchase options and food preparation suggestions. Some services we offer are weight control, eating plans for athletes, pregnancy eating plans, and counseling for various diseases.

Pharmacy in Puerto Vallarta at Hospital CMQ

Our pharmacy department at Hospitals CMQ three locations strives to achieve the highest standards in dispensing, distribution and management of drugs and medications, to safeguard our patient’s well-being, both in an outpatient and inpatient setting. We have a 24-hour availability of drugs and medications and a wide selection of essential medications, ranging from common over the counter drugs to specialized prescription drugs that are vital for many diseases and conditions.

Patient Education

We want your stay in our facilities to be the most pleasant. At CMQ Hospitals we believe that as a patient, you have the right to be fully informed, treated with respect and dignity, and to be involved in decisions that affect your medical care. In addition, to make your stay more comfortable, we would like to provide you with this information.

Walk-in Clinics and Urgent Care in Puerto Vallarta

Our walk-in clinics and urgent care centers provide immediate, convenient and affordable medical care in non-life-threatening situations, involving illnesses or injuries that can’t wait until the next day. At night, during the holidays, weekends and other days and times in which primary care physicians and specialists are not available, our walk-in clinics and urgent care centers are always open and nearby in Puerto Vallarta’s City Center, Puerto Vallarta’s main hotel zone and Bucerias in Riviera Nayarit.

Radiology Department at Hospital CMQ in Puerto Vallarta

Our radiology department has been the leading diagnostic imaging provider for over 35 years. With locations in Puerto Vallarta´s City Center, Fluvial Vallarta and Bucerias in Riviera Nayarit, we are always close by. Our team of highly skilled radiology specialists, sonographers, radiographers and radiology technologists are committed to providing the best medical radiology and diagnostic services. We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Primary Care for your health & wellness in Puerto Vallarta

Whether you are looking for easy access to care in a convenient location, preventive medicine, Lab tests, an internal medicine specialist, pediatrics specialist, or urgent care services, our team will provide you with outstanding patient-centered services. At Hospital CMQ Primary Care department the first point of contact for your overall health needs is our primary care team, being by your side in every stage of your life.

Hospital CMQ's Intensive Care Unit in Puerto Vallarta

Our Intensive Care Unit at CMQ Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta offers effective medical coverage in convenient, nearby locations. Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) specializes in the care of critically ill patients with severe neurological, cardiac and respiratory conditions. With five fully equipped, state-of-the-art ICU rooms at each location, our team of intensive care specialists and nurses focus on treating the most serious critical conditions.

Family Medicine Clinic

Imagine having a physician who knows and cares for you and your loved ones, someone who can help with any health need that you may have. At Hospital CMQ’s Family Medicine Clinic, we are always by your side. The Family Medicine Clinic at Hospital CMQ remains the cornerstone of our community’s health and wellness, focusing on treating each individual patient and delivering outstanding integrated care.