Rendimos homenaje al Dr. Efrén Calderón Ramírez, un hombre que vino a servir y a amar

Homage to Dr. Efrén Calderón Ramírez, a man who served and cared

My friend: Life is the art of encounters. It was my sole pleasure meeting you in this path of life as my friend and fellow doctor. Your absence truly hurts, but it’s comforting to know that I was blessed with your friendship; and that will always remain. Hasta pronto amigo. – Dr. Jorge Villanueva Hernandez

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Cafe & Gourmet Expo - Guadalajara 2018

CMQ Hospitals Cafeteria Coordinator, Laisa Delgadillo, shares with us her experience at the Cafe & Gourmet Expo 2018. This is a world-renowned coffee and gastronomic event, where the year’s upcoming trends and innovations are presented.

First Baby Born at Hospital CMQ Riviera Nayarit

One month has passed since the opening of Hospital CMQ Riviera Nayarit; Recently, our state-of-the-art facility was filled with life with the birth of our first newborn baby. On December 14 2017, little Maria Isabella was born through a C-section without complications or risk. Learn about Maria Isabella´s story...

At CMQ Cafeterias, We Proudly Serve Starbucks

Inside our hospitals —Downtown, Premiere, and Riviera Nayarit— we provide the best service, care, quality, and even the best coffee. At CMQ Cafeterias, we proudly serve Starbucks. We are concessions that offer the same products and standards that you can find at your favorite Starbucks.

The Newest Bucerias Hospital Opens its Doors

With an elegant cocktail toast and accompanied by important business personalities, the Villanueva-Medina family of Hospitals CMQ officially inaugurates CMQ Riviera Nayarit. A 4-level world-class hospital that will provide quality care and medical attention in both the Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta regions.

Foot Clinic by Paty Villanueva: Best Foot Care in Pto. Vallarta

The care for your feet that you've been looking for. Foot Clinic is the right place to keep your feet in the best shape. Whether you are diabetic or a senior. Highly trained and skilled podiatrists performed the procedures that normal pedicurists don’t,Foot Clinic has the best foot care in Puerto Vallarta.

Lowest rate of Healthcare Associated Infections in Mexico

Healthcare Associated Infections, or infections acquired in healthcare settings are the most frequent adverse event in healthcare delivery worldwide. We are proud to inform that CMQ Hospitals are below the national average rate of Healthcare Associated Infections. This is an indicator of the quality and safety of the care provided in our facilities.

October 23 National Doctor’s Day

They are one of the first things we see when we are born and sometimes one of the last things we see when we die. To be a doctor is to be noble, empathetic, wise, and to always seek for wellness. In this day we honor and appreciate the hardwork and commitment they give everyday. ¡Happy Doctor’s Day!

Our experience at the Daring Greatly Sharp Healthcare 2017

 We are proud to announce that we were the only hospital in Puerto Vallarta to attend the Daring Greatly 2017 Sharp’s Experience in San Diego Convention Center. An assembly with the best doctors and nurses sharing their experiences and lessons learned with the best Latin American and Mexican hospitals.