Aneurisma Cerebral: Una Amenaza Silenciosa para la Salud Cerebral

Brain Aneurysm: A Silent Threat to Brain Health

Your brain deserves all of your attention and care. In this article, our experts in Neurology discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatments for a brain aneurysm. Learn more about this silent disease here!

Did you know that a brain aneurysm is more common than you think?

Lowest rate of Healthcare Associated Infections in Mexico

Healthcare Associated Infections, or infections acquired in healthcare settings are the most frequent adverse event in healthcare delivery worldwide. We are proud to inform that CMQ Hospitals are below the national average rate of Healthcare Associated Infections. This is an indicator of the quality and safety of the care provided in our facilities.


October 23 National Doctor’s Day

They are one of the first things we see when we are born and sometimes one of the last things we see when we die. To be a doctor is to be noble, empathetic, wise, and to always seek for wellness. In this day we honor and appreciate the hardwork and commitment they give everyday. ¡Happy Doctor’s Day!

Medical Tourism

Gerald Witt’s fight against Morbid Obesity

Know the testimony of Gerald Witt. A patient that underwent a Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss surgery performed by Dr. Francisco Hidalgo. Experienced Bariatric surgeon at Hospital CMQ Premiere. Learn about what happened before and after the procedure. What made Gerald do it and what does he expect from it.


Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent them.

Whether you are a runner or a yogi, injuries are always there. Do you know which are the most common and how can you tell them apart? Know the meaning of each injury and talk to your trainer and doctor about them. It may help you to always be prepared without minimizing your effort or being afraid to get them.