Get rid of your hangover now with these tips from our Specialists at Hospitals CMQ

Follow our Specialists recommendations and never have a Hangover again.

At some point, we have all suffered from a hangover. That discomfort that comes after a night of partying with friends. We would love to have a simple solution to not suffer the consequences of ingesting alcoholic drinks in excess. However, the rule is very simple: do not drink that much alcohol.

Before giving you some recommendations, we will explain how this discomfort originates;. The abuse of alcoholic drinks causes thirst, fatigue and upset stomach. Alcohol dehydrates us and increases the amount of urine in our body, which is why the more we drink, the more times we need to go to the bathroom. We eliminate more liquid than we take, causing dehydration and dryness in the mouth. Makes sense right?

In addition to this, alcohol in high doses irritates the stomach, hence nausea. Tiredness is caused by the decrease in blood sugar. Although, the hangover does not last more than 24 hours, many times we feel like it will never end, so here below we leave some tips to help you get through these moments before and after.

When you are about to drink, consider the following:

  • Drink at a slow pace and with a full stomach, this will help you better process the alcohol and as a result, the hangover will be less.
  • Mixing different drinks will be reflected in the severity of the hangover.
  • Take a glass of water between the alcoholic drinks you consume, this will help your body to have a less dehydration.

If we are late with the information and you already have a hangover, this will help you make it through:

  • Stay hydrated, remember that hangover causes dehydration so it is very important that you recover all that liquid you lost.
  • Avoid all type of pills, there is no medicine that alleviates hangover’s discomforts.
  • Increase your carbohydrate intake, they will raise your blood sugar levels and will give you energy.
  • Rest will help you, let time do its thing.

And remember, without alcohol, there is no hangover …