Common sports injuries and how to avoid them by the Sports Clinic at Hospitals CMQ in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit

Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent them.

Practicing a sport or exercising is a great benefit for our body. However, there is a latent risk of suffering an injury. Whether it’s due to bad habits or the intensity in with which we make a physical effort. Sports injuries could be temporary because of some sudden movement or chronic which is caused by repetitive actions.

Sporadic accidents cause the majority of injuries. Although, many can be the result of mistakes in training, lack of fitness, the absence of warm-up exercises or improper use of training equipment.

Among the most common sports injuries, we can find:

Muscle Tear

These happen when the muscle fiber undergoes major stretching, caused by some sudden movement or violent contact.

Knee injury

Our knees are made up of bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, all of this functioning as a whole, being one of the most important joints of our body since there is contact between 3 bones: tibia, femur, and kneecap. For this reason, knee injuries are very frequent and each of these elements can suffer separate injuries.


The ligaments are the “strings” that join our bones to each other, keeping them in their optimal position. A sprain occurs when ligaments undergo a rupture or elongation.


When the tendons connecting the muscles to the bones suffer a severe inflammation is called tendinitis.


These are the direct lesions on the bone, they can go from a small crack to the rupture of the bone piece.

How to prevent them?

Many times sports injuries are preventable. Some injuries happen because we’re not conditioned for the activity. Remember to always start your workouts with a warm-up and a relaxed body and mind. This will help you ease your worries and focus on your movements.

It’s recommendable to work out daily. Get double the benefit and increase your condition and strength. But be careful when exercising. Any forced movement could end in a serious injury.

If you suffer from a chronic injury we invite you to visit our specialists, they will help you in your recovery.