Weight Loss Team

Weight Loss Team

Weight Loss Team

Hospitals CMQ Premiere and Riviera Nayarit work in conjunction with the bariatric surgery Weight Loss Team to provide a safe and completely sanitary experience to international patients that travel to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

Weight Loss Team Weight Loss Surgery Team

  • Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo – Bariatric Surgeon
  • Dr. Jorge Arturo Parra – Assistant Surgeon (currently in Spain)
  • Dr. Kurt Kasten Paredes – Assistant surgeon
  • Dr. Alejandra Ascencio – Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. Edgar Ortiz – Anesthesiologist
  • Gerald Witt Jr. – Patient assistance

They are in charge of providing support and guidance to foreign patients interested in undergoing bariatric surgery in Puerto Vallarta. They have 15 years of experience in the Medical Tourism industry, providing the highest quality of care and service along with the support from the team and facilities of the first-class hospital: CMQ.

Puerto Vallarta

The Best Personalized Care

From VIP transportation from the airport-hotel-hospital-hotel journey, modern and highly equipped hospital facilities, a location in the best zones of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, to service and care available pre and post surgery by the Weight Loss Team and Dr. Hidalgo. There is also a virtual office so each patient can receive advanced support and 2 follow-up years post surgery.

The assistance you receive as a patient when choosing to perform your bariatric surgery with Weight Loss Team and Hospitals CMQ makes your surgery the best decision and an incomparable experience. Not only do you experience and receive support from the best doctors in the bariatric field in Mexico, but you also receive quality hospital care before, during, and after your surgery, with the objective of guaranteeing your safety and well-being.


Email: info@weightlossteam.com

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