Hospitals CMQ in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit honor and appreciate the hard work and commitment that doctors provide everyday. ¡Happy National Doctor’s Day!

October 23 National Doctor’s Day

To be a doctor is a profession of great responsibility, which requires a noble and empathetic spirit. Each doctor’s contribution is of great importance to society. This ranges from the attention given in a consulting room, to surgical intervention, inside a research center, or in a public office charge, where one must be sure that science is represented in an effective way.

The Day of the Doctor is celebrated in our country since 1930. This date was set to match the date of the creation of the Medical Sciences Establishment. Which later became the current Faculty of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The celebration of the Day of the Doctor seeks to recognize the work of those who save lives and offer hope and a quality of life that encourages us to keep going. There are three hundred and fifty thousand doctors in our country. 57% are men and 43% are women. 66.6% have a specialization, master’s, and/or doctoral degree.

A doctor is an agent of change and social development. They are not just part of healing medicine, but they are an important piece in the development of public health. According to the World Association of Doctors (WAD), the collaboration of doctors is vital. We need doctors to spread information and educational programs that promote healthy lifestyles that reduce risk factors. They are a link that brings the population to more than just physical healing.  

To see beyond what is common, find results, provide solutions, and perform appropriate procedures to each case sounds simple, but applying this in a real human life is admirable. That is why, this October 23rd, in all of Mexico and at CMQ Hospitals, we honor and appreciate the hard work and commitment that doctors provide every day.

¡Congratulations doctors!