Rocio Soto, MD. General Physician

General Physician

Hospital CMQ Health Provider


Dr. Rocio Soto is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. She has more than 20 years of experience as a ​​Surgeon and Obstetrician and is an active member of several associations, including:

  • Medical Society of Puerto Vallarta, A.C., Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
  • National Council of General Medicine, A.C., ANMEPAC.
  • Founder and Associate of the Jalisco Society of Internal Medicine Chapter, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
  • Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine, A.C.
  • National Association of Physicians with Private Practice, A.C.
  • System of Continuing Education for the General and Family Physician.
  • National College of General and Family Physicians.

She has a renewed certification by the National Normative Committee of General Medicine. Dr. Rocio Soto is characterized by constantly updating herself, and by her participation in various courses, workshops, and congresses.


  • Surgeon and Obstetrician Degree from the Faculty of Medicine, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, 1972-1976.
  • Undergraduate Internship at Emiliano Zapata Hospital, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, 1976-1977.
  • SSA Professional Social Service, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, 1977-1978.

Professional Development and Certifications, Dra. Rocio Soto:

  • Workshop “Integral Management of IAM in Emergencies”, Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine, A.C.
  • Regional Congress of Internal Medicine, Association of Internal Medicine of Mexico.
  • IV International Congress of General Practitioners, National Institute of Continuing Medical Education (INEMC).
  • XII National and International Congress of Cardiology, National Association of Cardiologists.
  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Research, UNAM.
  • Diploma in Certification Research in Metabolic Diseases, Obesity and Nutrition, UNAM.
  • XIII Congress of the Society of Neurological Surgery of the West, Society of Neurological Surgery of the West, A.C.
  • DADOH Course, Jalisco Association of Internists.
  • Annual Congress of General Practitioners, ANMEPAC.
  • Interactive Updating Course in Obesity, Mexican Society of Nutrition and Endocrinology.
  • Refresher Course in Lung Diseases and Respiratory Therapy, UNAM.
  • Course: “Training of Experts in the Management of Diabetes Complications”, UNAM.