Juan Manuel Trujillo, MD. General Physician

General and Emergency Physician

Hospital CMQ Health Provider


Dr. Juan Manuel Trujillo is a General Physician with more than twenty-five years of experience. He has completed a considerable amount of courses and course updates in General Medicine and Emergencies, as well as Traumatology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, ATLS, ACLS, among others. He is characterized by his impeccable professionalism as a member of the medical staff in the area of ​​General Medicine and Emergencies at Hospitals CMQ.


  • Surgeon and Obstetrician Degree, Autonomous University of Nayarit, 1983-1987.
  • Undergraduate Internship at the Aquiles Calles Hospital in Tepic, Nayarit, ISSTE 1987-1988.
  • Social Service, Concentrated Rural Health Center, Las Varas, Nayarit  1988-1989.
  • Diploma in “Surgical Medical Emergencies and Comprehensive Management of the Serious Patient” taught by the National Autonomous University of Mexico 2010-2011.

Professional Development and Certifications, Dr. Juan Manuel Trujillo:

  • Assistant in the X International Course, “Advances in Shoulder Orthopedics Pathology”, taught by the Orthopedics Division of the IMSS Guadalajara Specialties Hospital, CMQ Hospital of Puerto Vallarta and the University of Guadalajara, CUC Puerto Vallarta.
  • Assistant at the 1st Binational Meeting of the American Academy of Foot and Ankle Ambulatory Surgery, and the Mexican Society of Foot Ambulatory Surgery.
  • Record of satisfactory approval at the academic program of the theoretical-practical workshop of Emergency Trauma Care taught by the Mexican College of Emergency Medicine A.C.
  • Theoretical-practical workshop “Basic and Advanced Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation RCCP”, given by the Mexican College of Emergency Medicine A.C.
  • Participation and assistance in the course “Hospital Pharmacy”, given by the University of Guadalajara, CUC Vallarta.