Jonathan Rodriguez Robles, MD. Urology Specialist

Medical Specialist in Urology

Hospital CMQ Health Provider


Dr. Jonathan Rodriguez Robles graduated from the University of Guadalajara at the Ciudad Guzmán campus. Afterward, he specialized in Urology at the General Hospital of Mexico. During his specialty studies, he carried out various pieces of training in Genitourinary Male and Female Reconstructive Surgery, Urological laparoscopy, and cancer. Dr. Rodriguez Robles is certified by the National Mexican Council of Urology, CONAMEU. He also has a certification in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery by the Hospital Juarez de Mexico.

Currently, Dr. Jonathan Rodriguez Robles has experience in national and international patient care. He is highly committed to his profession and constantly updates his medical knowledge. Dr. Rodriguez Robles is a specialist who can be trusted for patient satisfaction in matters of excellent medical care. He is a member of the following:

  • Mexican Society of Urology
  • American Society of Urology
  • ociety of Endourology


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree as Surgeon and Obstetrician, Faculty of Medicine, South University Center, University of Guadalajara.
  • General Surgeon, graduated from the University Hospital of Puebla.
  • Specialty: Urology, graduated from the General Hospital of Mexico.

Most common Urological procedures:

  • Stone and urinary tract infection surgery.
  • Female incontinence urological surgery and female genital prolapse.
  • Prostate surgery due to cancer or growth.
  • Infections and sexual dysfunctions.


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